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Here at Bunny Breaks, we have our own outdoor and indoor accommodation for rabbits and guinea-pigs. Our outdoor accommodation consists of our purpose-built 5'x4' runs for rabbits and 4'x2' arks for guinea-pigs. These are outside on lawns to allow your pets to access fresh grass constantly.

Pets from different customers are always kept in separate accommodation and are never mixed with any other pets. Generally, we keep all pets within the same area of our garden though so they should be able to see each other.

The runs and arks we use are purpose-built to ensure they are the most suitable accommodation for your pets. They are secure, weather-proof and fox-proof. They are checked regularly throughout the day.

We can also accommodate a small number of rabbits and guinea-pigs indoors in hutches, if preferred. See below for more information.

The only thing that owners have to supply is any dry food that your pets have and some fresh greens/vegetables for your pets. Bunny Breaks will supply bedding and any additional fresh greens/vegetables required. We would recommend bringing any toys or 'home comforts' for your pets to remind them of home!

Remember, all rabbits must have been inoculated against Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (RVHD1 and RVHD2) at least one month prior to their holiday at Bunny Breaks.

Outdoor Runs for Rabbits

We have 5 larger movable runs which we use to house rabbits featuring a 5'x4' run for your pets to exercise and to allow fresh access to grass. Attached is a 1'x4' hutch to allow shelter and night-time accommodation. These are custom built in house to match our exact requirements and are designed to accommodate up to 3 small rabbits or 1 large rabbit.

Inside a Run

Outdoor Arks for Guinea-pigs

We also have 3 smaller movable arks which we use for guinea-pigs and feature a 3'x2' run with a 1'x2' hutch attached for shelter. These can accommodate up to 3 guinea-pigs each.


Indoor Accommodation

We can now accommodate a limited number of pets in hutches indoors in our safe, weather-proof shed, if you would prefer them to be inside. Please contact us before booking to check availability.

Note that we are unable to accommodate any house pets, unless you are willing for them to stay in one of our indoor hutches as described above.